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Getting an outfit in the right size can sometimes be a daunting task. The top fits fine but the bottom doesn't, the width is fine but not the know, those scenarios.

There's also having to do mental calculations when trying to figure out your dress size by country/region, getting the right fit is definitely no joke.

Thankfully the brilliant folks at created a tool to help you figure out your dress size (amongst many other things) across regions by simply entering your body measurements. We have recommended this tool to our customers shopping online, and they've sometimes discovered their body isn't the same size top and bottom.

Whatever your size, our "custom sizing" offer to all our customers ensures that you get what you want in your size - a perfect fit always, all you have to do is enter your desired measurements as a note in your order.

Try out the tool and let us know what you think.

Photo: Jazbeee Obi Belt


"Ayo" is a traditional game of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It is a two-player game made from carved wood with 12 holes and 48 seeds, with 4 seeds arranged in each hole at the start of the game (full game "how to" here)

Ayo requires quick thinking as it is a game of intellect and mathematical thinking. It is played and loved by the old and young in Yoruba land.

While some Ayo game boards come plain, Ayo carvers take pride in carving intricate designs on the outer (and sometimes) inner parts of the board, turning them into beautiful works of art. Some Ayo boards are elaborately carved into game-ready tables, true collectors' pieces.

Have you ever played the Ayo game?

Photo: Jazbeee Ayo game (inside view)


Welcome to the new feature of the Jazbeee website - our blog. 

The blog will be a place for you to know more about our inspiration, African culture as it relates to art, crafts, fashion decor, and more; and stories from around the globe we connect with.

We look forward to you dropping by weekly!


Photo: Beautiful Hausa Lady, 1970s

Photo Credit: Nigeria Nostalgia Project 


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