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African Artisanal Lifestyle Collections - Clothing, Accessories, Decor, & Art Made With Heart. Every Sale Helps Rebuild The Lives of Displaced Female Artisans.







Our dedicated female Artisans are our pride at Jazbeee, creating beautifully handcrafted goods and showcasing their unique skills. Previously displaced by unrest in their home communities, we ensure our Artisans are given fair pay for their labour and work under ethical conditions; enabling them to rebuild their lives. 

At Jazbeee we believe we have a responsibility not just to our people, but also to our environment. All our beautifully crafted pieces are made from locally sourced materials. Our wood products are made from repurposed wood - making them not just uniquely crafted, but also eco-friendly, and we ensure zero waste as every material is put to use, while also ensuring minimal energy consumption.

The Jazbeee 500 Campaign

We invite you to join the Jazbeee 500 Campaign.

Jazbeee is a social enterprise empowering female Artisans displaced by the Boko Haram terrorist attacks in North-East Nigeria, through decent employment and a steady income. Through the 500 Campaign, we have a goal of 500 sales this month.

As with many sectors globally, the pandemic has had a negative impact on our work and our over 30 Artisans at Jazbeee. We invite you to join the campaign by shopping for an item with us and inviting 5 friends to do the same.

Every item bought helps keep our Artisans earning and enables us to employ and empower more women. Thanking you in advance!

We invite you to join the Jazbeee 500 Campaign! Help us reach 500 sales in the month of May.

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The Jazbeee 500 Campaign

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